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About Rostest Company


ROSTEST Company deals with the certification of manufactured products and is an officially registered company with accreditation and authorization from the state. Every product that gets into the Russian Federation’s territory has to meet Russian certification standards for it to be sold in the market.

Experience in certification in Russia

The stages involved in the certification process include customs clearance, transportation and adoption into the market. Certification in Russia involves a lot of work but at ROSTEST Company the process is made simpler and faster. This is because we have a team of experienced staff that has the skills and expertise required to process the documents for export to Russia accurately at all times and avoid any setbacks during the process.

For the many years of we’ve dealt with certification in Russia, we’ve worked closely with manufacturers and foreign investors thus removing intermediaries in the process. Everything is done with direct contact with no middlemen.

Advantage of a manufacturer meeting Russian certification standards

When any product manages to attain Russian certification standards, whether voluntarily or as a mandatory requirement, and receives certification of compliance it shows that the product can be trusted. Consumers prefer to buy good quality goods that will not harm them as opposed to cheaper items.

With the Russian certification standards, consumers can confidently use the product because it has an official stamp of approval. This improves the demand for the certified product. Certification in Russia works to the advantage of the manufacturer even though it seems bothersome.

A number of specialists handle the process of certification in Russia and ensure that it is done under a controlled environment with minimal margin for error and therefore no cause for concern to the consumer and the manufacturers. The documents for export to Russia are analyzed and compared to the test results from samples. Everything is usually very accurate and speedy, and with free consultation, where required.




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