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Declaration is a procedure of verification of the product’s safety and of its conformity to the legal requirements. 

Declarations issued by the Customs Union are mainly carried out according to the state standards (GOSTs) and technical regulations. The scheme of declaration is similar to the certification scheme, but the verification process is much simpler and the entire responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented in the declaration lies with the company. Due to the fact that while applying for declaration the manufacturer (supplier) is allowed to define the characteristics that will be verified, it is at his sole discretion to provide proof of product safety. Additionally, declaration does not imply any strict requirements for the selection of the testing lab.

More information about theprocedure of declaring goods

The manufacturer launching the product onto the market initiates mandatory and voluntary inspections. The manufacturer contacts the certification authority, submits the required application, collects documents, and provides product samples for testing or completed reports.

After having studied all the provided evidence, the experts agree on the safety and conformity of the goods to selected standards. The experts shall notify the applicant whether or not the declaration can be approved. In case of complications, experts may indicate how the manufacturer (supplier) can correct the identified errors.

If the expert conclusion is favourable, the company obtains a declaration. This document includes: general information about the company and their product, the certification authority, the standard respected by the product. The head of the company signs the declaration and submits it for registration. The product declaration cannot be considered finalised without this procedure.

After the declaration returns to the company, it marks the product and launches it onto the market. Conformity verification will be repeated annually — to a lesser extent, and yet still for a sufficiently large amount of products. If the inspectors find that the product no longer complies with the regulatory requirements, the company may lose its declaration, and, consequently, the right to manufacture and trade.

Documents certifying product safety

To declare their products, the applicant company may submit the following documents:

 Declaration is a document of limited duration. It loses its validity after the period of 3 years. Upon its expiration, the company will have to repeat the complete verification procedure.