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About Us

Our company is a team of experienced experts of Russian in the field of the certification of the products, services and manufacturing.

The main purpose of this website is to provide comprehensive information on the types and procedures of certification in the Russian Federation.

Certification of products is necessary for its further movement on the territory of our country (customs clearance, transportation, distribution). Without relevant supporting documents, most products can not be sold in Russia. That is why, in order to speed up and simplify moving of your products across the custom, and their implementation, our company will help you quickly and without all kinds of inaccuracies execute the necessary supporting documents.

In certification systems of our country the most common supporting documents are the following:

Document type, as well as the certification scheme is determined in accordance with relevant legal documents. The specialists of the certification centre Rostest will help you to determine certification scheme provided for each individual product, as well as help to understand the legal documents governing these procedures.

On our website you can get accurate, comprehensive information about all the nuances of the design and produce of all kinds of certificates.

Certification centre Rostest is officially registered public authority having state accreditation. We are authorized to work with foreign producers directly, without intermediaries.

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Obtaining the certificates confirming compliance of imported products with established by Russian legislation standards and requirements, whether mandatory or voluntary appearance of the document is a guarantee of maximum consumer confidence to the manufacturer. This fact allows us to maximize the increase in demand for products that we have certified.

Our staff consists of qualified and experienced professionals in their field.

However, since this website was created by experts of our country, in advance, please forgive us for any minor inaccuracies in the grammar turns of the language of your country.

Certification centre Rostest operates efficiently and with maximum precision. All consulting services we provide for free. Our experts are in full control of the entire certification process, so our customers have no reason to worry.

In our certification centre you can order the following types of supporting documents:

The most frequently asked questions:

1. How can I determine the type of supporting document, certification scheme, and obtain a certificate (or other supporting documents)?

Referring to the certification centre Rostest, you simply need to apply for confirming receipt of the document. Our experts independently determine the scheme and kind of certificate for the product. After that, you will need to provide a standard set of documents, and just wait a bit. Designed and registered document you will be given by the specialists of our certification centre.

2. Why do we need certificates issued in Russia?

Almost all the products, which are made in the territory of the Russian Federation, must pass a certification process, because without relevant supporting documents the quality of products, trade of them is strictly prohibited. On time received certificate for the products will protect it from damage and the manufacturer from losses and payment penalty fines for temporary storage in customs because of delayed and long registration of all necessary documents.

3. What is a package of documents for submission to the certification centre?

Typically, there is a standard package of documents, however, depending upon the certification procedure and type of products may be supplemented or reduced. Usually in such package of documents are included certified copies of the following documents:

Our specialists are ready to answer on all your questions at any time online at or by the telephone.