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We carry out certification work in almost all areas of economic activity. Engaged in many kinds of design permits.
Free advice on the certification within the scope of the firm. Questions can be on the phone and by email. You always get quick and quality response.
Inform our customers about the changes in the legislation in the field of certification or certification theory is one of the important objectives of the company.
Developed system of certification in Russia covers more than 100 different systems of mandatory and voluntary certification. Our company offers a variety of design documents required for exports to Russia.

Released products , according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation , must meet certain standards and the standards set forth in different GOST, GOST R, technical regulations and other documents. Confirmation of the fact that the product meets all the requirements, is a certificate of conformity.

Document in which the seller or manufacturer of products gives information about the product and confirms its compliance with regulatory and technical documentation (GOST or TP) is a declaration of conformity .

Another important document that can be issued for products sold on the territory of Russia, — a fire certificate. The document confirms that a fire products will not release toxic and poisonous substances hazardous to human life and health. Document is made in the certification centers accredited MOE, after the examination of samples of products in a suitable laboratory .

The main function of this document — assessment fire object of a destination, the measures taken by his owner, to prevent the occurrence of fires, as well as assessment of preparedness for possible emergency situations ( fire suppression ). Responsibility thus removed from the regulatory bodies and the responsibility of the owner of the object: it is logical, since the inspector can not provide an adequate level of fire protection to the property under his control during the whole period of operation.

Many kinds of products are subject to sanitary-epidemiological control. State registration certificate, which is issued by Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Consumer Protection) or an accredited certification authority named after examination confirms conformity of production requirements Act requirements.

Refusal letter — a document issued by an accredited organization, indicating that these products mandatory conformity assessment in the form of declaration or certification is not required.

Russian legislation provides for controls on exports. When planning to send their products for export manufacturer shall issue a certificate of origin. It is issued in the regional Chamber of Commerce. Depending on the country where the goods are lucky, a certificate of origin or Form CT -1, or Form A, or overall shape.

In the European Union Euro 4 standard acted since 2005, he is now replaced by the Euro 5 (since 2009 ). In Russia, the transition to Euro 5 is planned for 2014, now cars, relevant regulations contained therein, may be imported into the territory of the Russian Federation on favorable terms relating to payment of customs duties.

This document is applicable for Ex equipment and other products. Its purpose — to explosion protection. If production is determined in accordance with regulations, as dangerous, then to equip its equipment, instruments, devices used only appliances, held a special audit and approved by the competent authorities — the certificate of protection.