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CE certificate

CE certification is aimed to confirm that the manufacturer fulfilled the basic requirements of safety of humans, environment, animals, public and private property. With the basic requirements following directives are often implied:

Safety standards approved by these and other directives are considered as a priority for the entrepreneurs of the European Union.

CE certification is considered mandatory for these types of products:

CE certification procedure

CE certification is carried out in several stages:

  1. Submitting an application to the certification centre. The document provides information about the purpose of product. According to the information provided, the European Union directive is determined. If experts see that there is no appropriate directive for clients product, they use the requirements of Directive 94/9/EC. This document approves general requirements for product safety.
  2. Determination of suitable standard operating in the European Union. In the standards unlike the directives technical requirements for products are specified.
  3. The applicant provides the technical documentation for checking: information about materials used, wiring diagrams, drawings, manuals, instructions, etc.
  4. Tests are made in the laboratory. This stage involves testing products compliance with the European directives and standards. According to the test results test protocol is issued.
  5. Experts check protocols and reports and if it is possible, they issue the CE certificate, which confirms that the product matches safety requirements.
  6. The final stage of certification is product marking with the CE mark.

The specialists of our certification centre will help you to pass CE certification. The main advantage of it is the ability to sell products in all European Union countries. CE certificate is a document, which allow the outlook for the development of international business.

We help residents of the European Union, Russia and other Customs Union countries to get a CE certificate.