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Certificate of conformity

Certificate of conformity is an official document confirming products compliance with all requirements of technical regulations, standards, norms and technical conditions established by current legislation.

Certificate of conformity allows to officially confirm the high level of quality and safety of products (or services), and provides support for the requirements of transportation, storage, sale, disposal of products, and the most accurate implementation of all necessary procedures accompanying products manufacturing and movement.

Certificate of conformity

Certification of the products (or services) is carried out by the authority with state accreditation. Typically, these services are provided by certification centres officially registered in the Russian Federation. One of the leading certification centres is Rostest organization. Our specialists are conducting tests and researches to check product characteristics and properties compliance with  the requirements and standards defined in legislation.

In Russia there are two kinds of certificates of conformity:

Voluntary certificate of conformity is recommended for products that are not included in the list of products under the mandatory certification. This type of supporting document is further confirmation that the quality of the products matches all standards and requirements, which can significantly improve the competitiveness and sales of the product.

Voluntary certificate of conformity is issued on the special blue letterhead.

The mandatory certificate of conformity is required for products listed in the official unified list of products under the mandatory certification. Mandatory certification could be obtained through several certification schemes approved by legislation

The most widespread certification system is GOST R. In GOST R system mandatory and voluntary certificates are processed, depending on the list of products. Certification centre Rostest can issue both types of certificates of conformity, as well as other supporting documents.

Certificate of conformity accommodates the following items:

Certificate of conformity is assured with the official stamp and signature of the managing director of the certifying authority.

Certificate of conformity, whether voluntary or mandatory, is a guarantee of the high quality and safety of products.