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Certificates of conformity in European System

European environmental standard Euro implies phased tightening of requirements for fuel and construction of motor vehicles. The standards Euro-2, Euro-3, Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6 indicate permissible limits of exhaust harmful substances intoxicating the environment.

In the European Union countries Euro-5 standard has operated since 2009, in Russia it come into force in 2014. This means that European suppliers and manufacturers producing cars for the internal and Russian market now have to subject it to the certification of compliance with Euro 5 standard. Earlier in the European Union and the Russian Federation Euro-4 standard was in force and to comply with it the Euro-4 certificate had been issued.

Standard stipulates that the level of pollutants in the exhausts of vehicles could not exceed such indicators:

Without Euro-5 certificate confirming that the design matches the requirements of automotive technology it is impossible to sell and exploit cars. They may be required by regulatory authorities and consumers.

The order of registration certificate Euro-5

Our certification centre helps to process Euro-5 certificate according to law in force. It proceeds in a general manner.

To begin with, declarant apply for the certificate, indicating general information about the company and produced vehicles. After the application is considered, other documents should be submitted. It could be following documents – certificate of registration of a legal entity or individual enterpeneur as the enterprise, TITLE, BRIEF, vehicle passports. Other trade documents may also be submitted –  delivery notes, invoices, contract.

Manufacturers must to expose the samples of automotive engineering to tests for compliance with current environmental standards. Test protocols are transmitted to our certification centre to complete the evidence base.

Euro-5 certificates are issued on special letterheads and are obligatorily registered. Validity of the certificate is up to 5 years.

Euro-4 certificates are not issued any more in the European Union or Russia. If your company is cooperating with Russia and you processed Euro-4 certificate before 01.01.14, it is valid till the end of 2015 or the end of validity of the document.