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Certification for Service Provision

Tangible goods have to be taken through a rigorous set of tests so as to receive certification for the Russian market. Goods are not the only things that people exchange for money though. Services are available as well and people always prefer that they get good quality services for the money they spend. Service certification, unlike certification for products under the GOST system, is not mandatory at all.

It is however possible to order a certificate since having proper certification improves your profile as a service provider and brings in more customers to you.

Documents required to order a certificate

For you to be able to order a certificate, your service has to be recognized as valid for it to be certified so you should have registered your business. It should be a legal business as well because whereas people like good quality services it is important to work within the law. Your company details should be filled out in the stipulated voluntary service certification form. It is important that your service is up to par with the standards set in that industry.

You will need to provide a contract for the supply of the service, a list of services that will require service certification, your details as the applicant and your legal registration certificate to prove that your business is registered.

The following services have so far been approved to receive service certification.

If your business does not fall in any of the above mentioned categories you can still order a certificate. The service certification is given for a period of between 1 and 3 years. The maximum length of time is 3 years.

Advantages of getting service certification

It is important that you order a certificate for your business to experience exponential growth within a short time. Look at it like as an extra award to your portfolio instead of an additional cost or burden and you will appreciate its value to your business.

Make sure that you find out all the requirements needed and that you have all your documents in order before you order a certificate. This will ensure that you take a very short time with the certification company. They will have an easier time processing your documents because there will be no products to take through testing. Once everything is done you will have an easier time offering your services since you will have free movement in Russia and the authorities will not bother you unless you break any law.