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Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity is a document which is the officially confirm the compliance of the product to all established standards and requirements of the legislation. Declaration is a supporting document in the federal agency for technical regulation and metrology system, is issued (as opposed to a certificate of conformity) on plain paper A4. Besides the declaration, there can be also issued a certificate of conformity for the product (voluntary).

Draw up a declaration of conformity is necessary for the products, which is listed in List of products match the quality and safety can be confirmed by the declaration of conformity.

Declaration of Conformity

The procedure of declaration is almost identical to certification process of the product. The declaration must be registered in the certification centre, which has the state accreditation. Code of the certification centre is assigned to the declaration and the necessary supporting document serial number.

The declaration of conformity is recorded based on the protocol (the act), compiled the results of tests (research) of selected samples of the products or the results of the technical expertise of the manufacturer documentation.

According to some schemes of declaration of the products is necessary to develop technical specifications, as well as registration of the certificate of compliance for materials (raw materials).

This document may be issued by hand only to officially registered in the territory of the Russian Federation entity (or individual registered entrepreneur). This can be a Russian manufacturer and also a dealer, distributor, importer, official representation of abroad entrepreneur. Document is issued on the basis of the contract (agreement) on delivery.

The declaration of conformity is valid for the entire territory of the Russian Federation, and is legally binding as the certificate of conformity.

This document should necessarily contain the following items:

In the certification centre Rostest you can get the declaration of conformity as quickly as possible. You can also arrange other supporting documents for all products and services. Specialists of the certification centre Rostest, moreover, provide qualified consulting services in this regard.

Declaration procedure usually consists of several basic steps:

Registration of the declaration can only be denied in the case if the product is partially or fully not complies with the requirements, which approved by the applicable law.