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Declaration of fire safety

In Russian Federation fire safety declaration is issued ​​according to the technical regulation «On Fire Safety».

This document is required for Russian and European companies engaged in production of such goods:

Manufacturers who work in the Baltic States, Sweden and other European countries and are planning to export their products to Russia should receive a declaration of fire safety through their representatives. Representatives must be officially registered in Russia.

The procedure for obtaining a declaration

Declaration is issued by several schemes: 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Scheme 1d presumes the use of your own evidence to confirm the compliance of the products.

By scheme 2d the fire safety declaration is issued after product sample test listed above. In addition, documented evidence of compliance submitted by the applicant is studied.

The scheme 3d provides the issue of declaration after the research of the products, management system certification and examination of evidence.

By the scheme 5d the individual consignments are checked. It presumes tests and providing evidence of compliance with fire safety requirements by the applicant.

Regulatory documents and technical manuals on the usage of products, documents accompanying the sale of products, etc. could be submitted as the evidence.

Our company helps to hold the declaration procedure quickly according to the legal requirements of the Russian Federation. For the issue of the declaration of fire safety accredited specialists check documents submitted by the applicant and notify him whether it is possible to issue a declaration. The company fills the declaration and transmits it to the certification centre for registration.

Declaration of fire safety is issued for 5 years.