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Explosion protection certificate

Residents of the European Union who are planning to sell explosive protective equipment in Russia, are obligated to submit it to certification. Explosive protective equipment is a device, product or equipment, produced to prevent their ignition during operation and idle. Such equipment is called Ex- devices or Ex- products by Russian standards. It might be an equipment for mining industry and other.

Design of explosive protective equipment must be carefully deliberated because it affects the safety of people, the environment, public and private property. Compliance of Ex- equipment is established by certification procedure. Explosion protection certificate is issued according to the results of testing.

Certification procedure

Our certification centre is accredited in the prescribed manner to issue and register explosion protection certificates according to the legislation of Russian Federation.

For equipment checking the «Rules for certification of electrical equipment for explosive» are used and for PPE checking – the technical regulation of the Russian Federation 019 /2011 is used.

We hold certification in a general manner, there are several stages:

  1. Manufacturer/supplier of explosive protective equipment, product or device submits an application. The details of the company, the name of the activity and name of the equipment is required.
  2. Equipment, device or product tests are made in the laboratory.
  3. The specialists of certification centre explore test protocols, registration and technical papers of the enterprise and submit their expert opinion. If it is positive, the explosion protection certificate is issued.
  4. After the registration of the certificate is made in a database of documents of conformity — it is assigned with a unique number. Without this procedure, the certificate will not be considered as valid.

More information about the documents required to verify the products

The main package of documents includes:

For registration of the explosion protection certificate you can turn to our certification centre. We help European and Russian manufacturers quickly and successfully pass certification procedure and get the certificate.