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Getting ISO 9001 Certification

Every company appreciates the value of standardized certification because it raises their profile. One of these standards is the ISO 9001 certification. The certificate ISO 9001 is usually awarded to those companies that meet a certain set of quality management standards. It has become very popular among organizations because it assures their clients that their processes are of the highest standard possible.

How long it takes to get a certificate ISO 9001

The process of getting a certificate ISO 9001 begins with an assessment of the organization’s management practices. Where your company lies will determine what you need to do to upgrade to the required quality management system (QMS). Time estimates for this cannot be sufficiently made as it may depend on the company size, the complexity of its processes,  the number of individuals working to get it done and their degree of knowledge about the whole process.

Once the QMS is done, you have to wait a while so as to see whether the QMS developed actually works. Proper records should be kept during this time so as to have proof of how it works. An external audit is then done to determine whether the new system is working properly.

The time required to obtain a certificate will be shorter if your organization was already maintaining high management standards and you have people with vast knowledge on certificate ISO 9001 certification taking care of the process.

When you need to obtain a certificate

Most times companies want to obtain a certificate so that they can qualify for a specific tender or new business. That may be the end result but it should not be the center of focus. Adopting the certificate ISO 9001 standards will make your company’s internal operations smoother and with minimal errors which will save you in terms of monetary and time resources.

When you obtain a certificate: your customers become satisfied and loyal. Your employees remain motivated, your company becomes more reputable in your industry and that may as well lead to more profits. It sets you up for bigger business and further growth than that single business deal you are targeting. With all these benefits, you should obtain a certificate while focusing more on the process of complying with and maintaining the standards.