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Refusal letters

Refusal letter is the document which manufacturer of the Baltic States and Sweden impose to regulatory bodies of Russia or other countries of the Customs Union.

There are two basic forms of refusal letters — for trade and for the customs.

Letter for trade

Refusal letters are processed by European exporters in case if their products are not the subject for mandatory certification or declaration in the Customs Union prescribed order. In controversial cases when verification of compliance is not mandatory, but it is difficult to determine according to the data about the product, the refusal letter is presented.

To obtain this document, you should contact our certification centre and submit following documents:

Refusal letters for customs

This document is similar to the refusal letter for trade, the exception is that it is issued by VNIIS (Russian Research Institute for Certification), not by the certification centre. The customs office accept only refusal letters issued by this organization.

Our certification centre helps enterprises to receive refusal letters from VNIIS as soon as possible.

To obtain the document following documents are required:

Documents for refusal letter registration are required as certified copies.