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State registration certificate

State registration is one of the mandatory control procedures for products placed on the market of Russia and other countries of the Customs Union.

Registration involves checking the quality of products and assessment of their safety. To confirm the success of this procedure a State registration certificate is issued.

Frequently the document is required for products, which, according to preliminary estimates, can be dangerous for humans and for the environment. Mandatory certificate is issued for products that are in great demand.

To find out which products require mandatory issue of the State registration certificate the Customs Union Commission Decision adopted in 2010 under the number 299 should be explored.

In the second section of the Decision the following types of products are listed:

Who has the right to conduct state registration and issue the certificate?

To get State registration certificate European manufacturers who are interested in the Russian market should appeal to the federal service that performs control of the sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the Russian Federation.

To expedite the procedure of receiving the State registration certificate, please contact the certification authorities accredited by federal agency.

The order of registration of the certificate

To issue a certificate, you must submit an application to the certification centre. Various documents, such as regulatory, technical and that, which used as an evidence of registration as an individual or entity as a business entity are attached to the application.

Additionally, the state registration involves the provision of samples by the manufacturer and their testing. This sets the sanitary safety of products.

Testing can be conducted only by laboratories that have appropriate permission. After testing experts issue the protocols with the result of research. The results are studied by experts of RTN or certification centre and then decide whether the issue of the State registration certificate is possible.

When the document is issued it is necessary to check the sanitary condition of the product by specialists not least than once a year.

Certificate is issued for an indefinite period. The document is no longer valid after the end of release of proven products.