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Details about Certification in GOST R System

GOST is an abbreviation that stands for State Union Standard. It originated during the Soviet Union period but when the USSR disintegrated, these standards remained as the national standardization method.They are used to regulate energy, environmental protection, transportation, food processing, mining, oil and gas, construction and many more industries in the region. 

They can issue a certificate that is mandatory or voluntary depending on the products in question. Mandatory requirements are those that fall under conformity to standards, safety, inter-changeability and whether it is ecologically friendly.

Voluntary GOST certificates are obtained if a company would like to generally raise its profile or if there are no specified documents for the goods and the company would like to avoid any problems during exportation.  A company can therefore have both voluntary and mandatory GOST certification.

GOST R terms and conditions

GOST certification can be obtained for a single batch of goods or a series of goods produced continuously. A certificate sample normally certifies that the quality of the supplied goods is up to par and that the terms of the supply contract have been met.

GOST certification is given to both Russian manufacturers and those from outside wishing to export their products to Russia. Foreign companies will however need a Russian citizen as a representative because only a voluntary certificate can be issued to a manufacturer in GOST R system.

The Russian Federation has its own set of rules that govern its licensing protocols known as GOST R. Before they issue a certificate the manufacturer fills forms about it and its products; they then give out regulatory, registration and technical documents and then hand out samples for testing. The tests can be done in the plant where the products are manufactured but the manufacturer has the liberty to choose any accredited lab for testing. After this an inspection of production conditions is done annually.

Center to issue a certificate

Once the goods are proven to be safe the manufacturer is given a declaration, which states that the products made by the manufacturer are safe for use and will not affect people or the environment. The experts at the GOST R certification center also issue a certificate to the manufacturer. These documents raise a manufacturer’s profile thus increasing consumers’ trust in their products and in turn increasing their sales.

Only a Russian resident can apply for certification so a foreign company will have to find a Russian resident as their representative. There are different standards for different products so you will have to find out what will be required of you with regard to the product that you’d like to export.

The GOST R certificate and declaration are an important part of importing and selling in the Russian federation. The declaration allows your goods to get through customs.

If you would like to see a GOST R certificate sample you can find it online on the various certification center websites so that you know what the end resultwill look like. This will eliminate any chance that unscrupulousdealers will issue a certificate that is fake.

Since there are very many requirements to attain GOST certification and they vary with every single product it is best if you ask the certification experts first so that you find out what will be required of you before they issue a certificate. Make all the necessary preparations for the process and make sure that all your documentation gives a true representation of your company and your products.